About Us

About Us

Creative Pulse was founded in 2008 (by Geoff McKnight) and is located up the road from Brisbane on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, servicing clients Australia wide with high quality advertising / marketing solutions (digital, print and beyond).

What are we made of? Start with plenty of big city experience, then mix in some international flavour, a broad range of talents, hard work and the right questions, then bake it on the Sunshine Coast where the combination of in-house abilities, intelligent strategies and outdoor beach culture allow creativity to flow... then you have Creative Pulse.

We know our clients well, understand their businesses and objectives, treat them with respect, only sell them what will benefit them and only deliver quality... it’s a formula we always stick to and it tends to work pretty well for everybody. We’re easy to talk to and quick to have a laugh with you, but also deadly serious about knuckling down, getting to the bottom of what you truly need to achieve and how to take it to a higher level than your competitors, then delivering nothing short of outstanding results. We’re here to create lasting relationships with our clients, so we don’t take short cuts.

If there’s one word that sums up Creative Pulse it’s ‘crafted’. Every company is unique and every job needs to be uniquely crafted to achieve the best results. Everything the Creative Pulse team produces is crafted with uncompromising focus on quality and results.

If you want quality marketing to elevate your company to a higher level, start a conversation with us today.

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