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Wiseman Lawyers Branding

Brisbane based Wiseman Lawyers are a good example of branding being far broader than just a logo design. Yes, the logo was designed as the first step in the branding process, but the tagline and the brand image are used just as consistently as the brand logo. Creative Pulse's objective was to create a simple message and image which positioned Wiseman Lawyers as specialists in their legal area of traffic law, plus differentiated them from the many generic law firms claiming to be specialists, but really only dabbling in traffic law. The simple headline of Licence need saving? rings in the ears of Brisbane radio listeners and while it is extremely simple, most people now know who that catch phrase belongs to... Wiseman Lawyers. The brand image is equally important to reinforce the message on all visual marketing material. The image you see below clearly conveys the issue at hand (which their target market can relate to) and the importance of obtaining a specialist lawyer. Very few words, only one image, but a great deal is communicated... that is powerful branding.

If you’d like to create a quality brand logo and marketing image for your business (whether you’re a new entity or an existing company which needs a branding / logo refresh), talk to us today. You’ll be amazed how much difference a new brand logo really does make to your company image and all future marketing material. If you’re on the Sunshine Coast, drop in and see us. If you’re in Brisbane, we can drop in to see you most days, or for anywhere else Australia wide we can easily liaise with you like we do for many clients nation wide.

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