Whether you’re a new entity or have been established for decades and need to refresh your image, your branding is an essential first impression of your company’s professionalism and personality, plus the foundation for the style of all of your marketing material.

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What is branding and why is it so important?

The first step in the process of branding is generally a logo design (unless you're a new company requiring a business name, which we can also help you with).  
If your logo is poor, your potential customer's first impression and the flow on effect throughout all of your marketing material is negative.
On the flip side... if your logo looks professional, the visual impression of your business starts off on the right foot by elevating the perception of your company / brand. 

Your logo then forms the basis of your ongoing branding, which incorporates everything visual about your company / business (from business cards to your website, brochures, social media, office signage and so on). Branding as a whole is a long term process and very important asset for your business. If you get your logo design wrong (or if it is already wrong), your branding will never meet it's potential. 

Do you have an existing company that needs a visual refresh to attract new audiences?

Often people don't know where to start, or are reluctant to change the way their company has looked for many years (even if they know it looks bad). However, once our clients (and their customers) see the huge visual transformation, they never, ever look back. Businesses grow and styles change over the years, so your corporate image / branding needs to change (or at least evolve) with it. Talk to the team at Creative Pulse about how new branding / logo design can elevate the image of your company.

Branding for Corporations:

Uncompromising and consistent excellence is the only acceptable standard for successful corporate brands. With so many people, departments, stakeholders and target markets associated with any corporation, a lack of strong and consistent branding can see your corporate image stretched in too many directions and leave you with a diluted and faceless entity. 

By developing strong corporate branding, you create a proud and easily recognisable entity for your corporation with a broad range of valuable benefits. Consistent, professional corporate branding unifies every element of your marketing material (elevating standards whilst often reducing long term marketing costs), appeals better to your target market (improving brand perception, recall and ultimately sales) and also delivers clarity, pride and clear direction to company employees. The value of strong corporate branding is immeasurable and recognised as crucial by great leaders.

Are you starting a new business and want to project the right image from the beginning?

Creating the right brand image for your business is a smart investment for a range of reasons. Not looking like a start up: No matter how good you are, some potential customers see a start up company as a gamble to work with. Creating the right first impression through strong branding can make you look like a far more established operation from day one and ultimately attract more clientele. Elevate all of your marketing material by taking the right first step: Your logo will heavily influence the style of your website, print material, social media and any other marketing material you create now or in the future. It is smart to get it right at the start. Attract the right customers: If you look cheap, you'll just attract tyre kickers... blunt but true. If your business looks professional, you'll appeal to a much more appealing range of clientele and broaden your sales opportunities.

What ever your scenario, talk to the team at Creative Pulse about creating a fresh and professional new logo to elevate your company branding. We deal with companies all over Australia, so whether you're in Brisbane, Sydney or Timbuktoo, give us a call or enquire below. If you're based at the Sunshine Coast like we are, drop in to see us at our office in Maroochydore. We look forward to helping your company to attract new customers.


View examples of our branding work

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