In a digital age where people are literally addicted to mobile phones and digital devices, or surrounded by digital displays, it is self explanatory that digital marketing is a crucial aspect of engaging your target market. The selection of digital marketing options available are extremely diverse. Selecting the right mediums comes down to analysing your product / service, objectives, the demographic of your target market and of course your budget.

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Creative Pulse can advise on suitable digital advertising solutions to suit your needs (both short term and long term). For strategy, design and implementation of a wide range of digital marketing solutions, speak to the team at Creative Pulse. Some of the digital marketing solutions available include (but are far from limited to):


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Social Media Advertising (plan, create, implement)

The power of social media is undeniable and can open up awareness to an entirely new, scalable market. Whether that awareness is positive or negative depends on the quality of the material that you share / promote with your followers. It is also vital to select the right platforms which suit both your business and your target market. Creative Pulse provide the following services:

  • Advice on the appropriate social media marketing platforms for your company
  • Set up of your social media platforms (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and more.
  • Design of visual graphics to professionally brand your social media pages
  • Design of visual advertising panels for your social media platforms
  • Design of each individual social media post
  • Copywriting of all messaging and tagging
  • Scheduling of social media posts (scheduled one month in advance where possible)
  • Targeted paid or boosted ads on social media platforms

HTML Emails / eDM (Electronic Direct Mail)

HTML Emails / eDM's allow you to create visually appealing marketing material and send via email to any sized database of recipients. You can also analyse a range of real time reports which provide insights into which specific recipients are interested and actively reviewing the content you delivered. eDM's can be used to send material such as electronic newsletters, informative articles, seasonal greetings, sales / promotional material etc. They can be used as a long term strategy to enhance brand awareness and reputation for your company, or as a short term strategy to promote products and generate specific sales. Creative Pulse can either fully manage your ongoing HTML emails on your behalf or develop initial templates which you can then fill with content and send yourself when required.

Corporate Online Videos / Ads

Online videos are a great way to provide information quickly and in a professional manner to your potential customers (or existing customers). Creative Pulse can write the scripts, create your visual graphics / animations, edit your videos, upload them online and incorporate them into your websites / social media etc.

Digital Displays

Digital displays are everywhere... from the digital signage at sporting events, to LCD screens in airports, there are a huge range of digital displays available where you can promote your business. Creative Pulse can create effective messaging and designs to advertise your company on digital displays which appeal to your target market and ultimately generate sales for your business.


There is an ever growing world of digital marketing options. Speak to the team at Creative Pulse about the right digital marketing solutions, to help to grow awareness and sales for your company.


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